Ayurveda Treatment For Pyorrhoea

The disease ‘pyorrhoea’ is characterized by copious discharge of pus from the root of the teeth and gums. Depending upon the part of the teeth and the gums involved, it is of several types. The commonly occurring type is known as “Pyorrhoea alveolaris” in which there is a purulent inflammation of the dental peiosteum with progressive necrosis of the alveoli and looseness of the teeth. In ayurveda, this condition is called danta-besta or Putidanta. The pus which comes out from the is often swallowed along with the food particles and this produces many types of disease when it gets absorbed by the gastro-intestinal tract. It becomes difficult for the patient to chew and eat hard ingredients of the food, because while chewing, there is pain and bleeding in the gums. This produces foul-smell in the mouth, and teeth fall out one after another because they become loose. Thus, it causes pre-mature old age and many other disease in the body of the individual.

Causative factors
Infection by the various types of germs is considered in allopathic system of medicine to be the cause of this condition. Non-observance of oral hygiene like brushing teeth daily, and cleaning the mouth after the intake of food is responsible for this disease. In ayurveda, all these causative factors are accepted. In addition, great emphasis is laid upon the digestion and movement of bowels of the individual. The mouth and its different parts, are considered to be the indicators of conditions prevailing in the gastrointestinal tract including the liver and colon. A person having bad digestion and consumption is more prone to get pyorrhoea.

Ayurveda Treatment For Pyorrhoea:
The patient is invariably asked to adopt measures for oral hygiene like cleaning teeth with a soft brush and a suitable tooth powder or a tooth paste. Instead of using nylon tooth brush, patient are usually advised to use the prop-root of banyan tree(Ficus bengalensis) for brushing teeth. About six inch of the diameter of an ordinary pencil size is selected for this purpose. Fresh prop-root gives better results. The latex or the milk which comes out of this prop-root is very useful in preventing the formation of pus because of its antiseptic property and it also stops bleeding due to its astrignant property. This prop-root is required to be chewed for about 2 minutes to give a fine brush with which the teeth are to be cleaned. This chewing also helps in squeezing out the pus which are already accumulated at the root of the teeth. Twigs or tender branches of other trees like neem can also be used for the same purpose in the same manner.
To remove constipation, the patient is given triphala in form of powder or decoction. Triphala is a drug of choice for the treatment of constipation in ayurveda also it acts as a rasayan. Triphala consists of the fruits of amalaki(Emblica officinalis), bibhitaki(Terminalia belerica) and haritaki(Terminalia chebula). Powder of the pulp of these fruits are taken in equal quantity and mixed well. The powder of triphala is to be taken in a dose of three gram at bed time with luke warm water. To prepare the decoction, Three grams of this powder should be added to 8 oz of water and boiled till reduced to half. The powder should be strained and thrown away. Only the liquid portion when it is slightly warm is to be taken at bed time. This gives a clear motion in the morning. The dose of this powder is to be adjusted depending upon the purgative action it produces on the body of individual. This is to be taken daily at bed time.
Powder of the bark of bakula (Mimusops elengi) and babbula(Acacia arabica) are very good for this condition. They are to be used as a tooth powder for cleaning teeth once in the morning and once while going to bed.The preparations of these are used in ayurveda for the ayurveda treatment of pyorrhoea.
The compound ayurvedic preparation which is very popularly used for this condition is known as Dasana samskara churna and dantaprabha churna. This, when used either by finger or by the  help of soft brush for cleaning teeth, removes the foul smell of the mouth quickly and in about 15 days time pus formation and bleeding subsides. The use of this powder for cleaning teeth is to be continued for about three months therefafter. Some people use it for cleaning teeth as a routine for whole of their lives.
Khadiradi vati is the drug of choice for the treatment this condition. It is kept in the mouth and slowly sucked as it gets mixed up with saliva of mouth. In this way five to six tablets can be taken per day. The chief ingredient of this tablet is khadira( Acacia catechu).

Food items which stick to the root of the teeth while eating should be avoided as far as possible.  Ingredients of food which are sour  in taste like pickles, curd and sour fruits are strictly contra-indicated in this condition. Fruits which are not sour like apple, papaya and cucumber are considered useful. Fruits of guava, pomogranata and amalaki which contain lot of vitamin c are very good in this condition. They are not harmful even though they are sour in taste. Vegetables, having bitter taste like karela(bitter gourd), patola(Trichosanthes dioica) and bitter variety of drumstick are useful in this condition. 

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