Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

Literally shava  means corpse. In this asana, you lay down like a corpse. During the performance of shavaasana, you remain motionless keeping the mind still while you are conscious and learn to relax. This conscious relaxation invigorates and refreshes both body and mind. This asana is also known as mritasana, the dead man’s pose.

Lie on the back with hands at the sides (palms facing up). Feet are stretched out and are slightly separated. The body should be aligned.
B) Slowly inhale through the nose. Feel the cool air entering the muladhara chakra (base of spine). As it rises through the body, feel the air healing and sweeping away the toxins.
C) Slowly exhale and feel the air going out the crown of the head, releasing toxins and tensions from the face, head, mind, neck, and shoulders. Repeat this process several times.
D) Slowly inhale as above; then during exhalation, chant the mantra, ‘aum’. Feel the voice vibrating through the entire body. Repeat several times, as the vibration creates a deeper relaxation.
E) Rest for 1 or more minutes, noticing your breath. Then let your mind drift where it may, or practice sadhana (meditation).


Benefits Of Shavasana:

This asana relaxes the whole psycho-physiological system.
This posture can be practised by anyone. Ideally, this asana is practised before sleep; before, during and after performing any yoga asanas.
When this pose is completed, one will have developed a new mind, body, and spirit. The entire system is revitalized and feels free fron any stress.
This helps blood pressure, peptic ulcers, anxiety, hysteria, cancer, psychosomatic diseases, neuroses, realization of subconscious thoughts.
This is a relaxation posture, so this asana can be performed by anyone.


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